Cooperation with the payment service QIWI allows you to quickly and at no additional cost to organize a business to accept payments for goods and services (cellular telephony, DTH, Utility Services, etc.)

We expect our agents to become the face of QIWI Products and Services in the local community and to proactively generate leads and sales services. Our support will help you to gain and retain local customers by giving you the tools you need to raise awareness of our Products and Services and to build relationships with your existing customers and prospects. This is an exciting opportunity to join QIWI an established and growing team.

QIWI Agents enjoy and benefit from:

Tapping into new sources of revenue –
  • Adding the Value Added Service that you already sell will attract new customers, and therefore, new sources of income. If you are already a distributor, offering Bill/Payment Collections, Prepaid Telco and DTH Recharges, which sets you apart from the competition providing your customers with a one-stop shop for all their Recharges and Payments.
Standing out from competitors with unique products –
  • QIWI Products and Services have an outstanding reputation for innovation. Our SSK (Self Service Kiosk), POS Terminals set new standards in payment collection market. All of these products will be available to you, when you join us as a QIWI agent.
Practical sales support –
  • We want you to get the best from becoming an agent, and we'll do everything we can to support you. We will team you up with a commercial development specialist, so you can work together to approach new prospects and grow your customer base. As an agent you will also have access to our range of products and services which will support you in your day to day transactions.
Staying at the forefront of industry developments –
  • As a QIWI agent you can be the first exclusive member for our innovative product ranges. Becoming our dedicated QIWI agent will help you staying ahead in the INDIAN market.

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