What Buyers Want—Easier, Faster, Intuitive Services. Considering the following benefits that QIWI self- service kiosks deliver the services with positive impact of that on bottom line. With this, Service Providers enjoy two main benefits if they provide service from QIWI kiosk –

1. They can use kiosks as a tool to streamline their operation.
2. They realize an ROI in a reasonable period of time.
    Upon closer inspection, their benefits are many:
  • Coupons and Loyalty Cards.
  • Price and Product Information.
  • Gifts, Flowers and Product Deliveries.
  • Instant Ordering.
  • Realize Operational Efficiency and Cost Improvements.
  • Kiosk Ease of Use is Vital.

If your company is the operator of telecommunications, entertainment and other services and is interested in developing
a unified network of receiving payments from subscribers, we offer
to become a partner with QIWI.

Signing the contract with our company, you can increase the availability of payment services for users with reliable service payment, increase loyalty customers with convenient and affordable way to replenish the balance through the SSK QIWI.


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