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QIWI Advertising - an interactive advertising space on the pages of the payment terminals QIWI to effectively interact with the users. Advertisers are constantly looking for innovative, effective and affordable ways of staying ahead of the competition by capturing their audience and maximizing their return on investment. Furthermore QIWI can provide accurate statistics on the usage of the kiosks, which guarantees advertisers their ROI.

If you're a business owner, advertising agency or in-charge of your company's marketing budget. We at QIWI understand that today's business environment demands innovative, effective and affordable advertising, which will provide optimum exposure in your choice of high-traffic locations. A truly "captive audience" is guaranteed to see and hear YOUR custom designed, streaming video message over and over again! A continuous streaming loop will display your ad to the masses. Whether the consumer is just passing by, the frequency and reach of your target audience is totally within your control and demands the attention of your future customer. We at QIWI believe that once you see the vision we made a reality, an entirely new multitude of consumers will know YOUR name, product and/or service like never before.

Facts about «QIWI Advertisement»

Qiwi Advertising stayed in the five main channels of communication with consumers, second only to television, outdoor advertising and advertising on public transport, while overtaking radio at 1%, and the Internet at 30%.

Besides the basic functions - purchasing and paying for goods and services - in the interface of payment QIWI technology is implemented advertising, allows you to communicate with end users in the process of payment.

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