Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are collected frequently asked questions to which you can get detailed answers.

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  • I have inserted the cash notes, but I have not received the balance?

    First, make sure you entered the correct payment details. If the number is correct contact support professionals.

  • As I was making the payment, the self service kiosk, turned off (it got hung). What should i do?

    If you correctly identify your details and have already put money into the Self Service Kiosk, then you can fill out a form, or call support professionals.

  • What if I make a mistake while entering my account details (account number, service provider, name etc) ?

    If you incorrectly entered the details (phone number, account number, etc.). when paying bills, contact support professional or the owner of the Self Service Kiosk.

  • What if I chose a wrong service provider?

    If you chose the wrong service operator with the payment, please contact support professional or the owner of the Self Service Kiosk.

  • I want to pay for a service, I have my account number and contact number ready. What other data will be required?

    Information needed depends upon the service you want to use. Data required from you will be asked by the Self service Kiosks accordingly.

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